How Do They Get In?! Understanding the API Attack Vector

On-Demand Webinar with Salt Security

Organizations rely on application innovation, particularly API-driven applications, to fuel their business transformation and growth. Attackers know this and are constantly looking for ways to find the unfindable and break the unbreakable. They’ve got tools, motivation, and time on their side.

To protect yourself, you need to understand how attackers find and target applications. Seeing their techniques also helps explain why many traditional security approaches will never protect against today’s sophisticated attacks. Please join us for insights into the mind, techniques, and tools of attackers.

Key takeaways:

  • How attackers expose and manipulate application communications
  • How attackers reverse engineer client-side code and find APIs
  • Why mobile devices are not as secure as you might think
  • How attackers perform advanced attacks like credential stuffing
  • How to secure app and APIs in today’s modern, cloud-native environments

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