State of API Security Report for Financial Services & Insurance

As financial services and insurance organizations have increasingly turned to APIs to accelerate business innovation, attackers have also changed their tactics, making APIs their prime target. This short video discusses findings from the first industry-specific version of the State of API Security report and draws on a combination of survey responses and empirical data from the Salt Cloud. 

Key trends revealed by the survey include:

• 244% increase in unique attackers attempting malicious activity against financial and insurance customers 

 84% of attacks came from “authenticated” users who appeared legitimate but were actually attackers

• 69% experienced application rollout delays due to API security issues (11% higher vs. all industries)

 71% find that their existing API security programs aren’t very effective in preventing API attacks

These were just a few of the highlights from the industry report. We encourage you to download the full report for even more great insights. 

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