2021 CISO Choice Awards Winner Interview

Roey Eliyahu and Richard Stiennon discuss the importance of API security

Salt Security won the 2021 CISO Choice award in application security. In this interview, Salt CEO Roey Eliyahu and security industry analyst Richard Stiennon discuss how digital transformation and the prominence of APIs in sharing sensitive data are increasing the need for dedicated API security platforms.

Roey shares his background and explains how Salt delivers comprehensive API protection across the development and runtime of APIs, tapping the power of big data, ML, and AI to build rich context around an organization’s APIs. The Salt platform applies this context to enabling continuous discovery of APIs and exposed data, robust API attack detection, and prevention, API testing during development, API vulnerability remediation insights, and simplified compliance.

Roey also addresses how API attacks have become more sophisticated and why traditional tools, such as web application firewalls (WAFs) and API gateways, are architecturally unable to detect the “low and slow” nature of API attacks.

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