How Salt Infuses AI into every step of the API Security Journey

In the modern business world, the extensive adoption of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has opened doors to innovation and growth that we never thought possible. But with hyper speed comes room for error. Join us in this insightful webinar, where we dive deep into the massive use of AI in business and explore the hidden risks that come with AI-generated APIs. Learn about the new vulnerabilities that arise with this method of development and hear how Salt Security is using AI in our platform to mitigate risk.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understanding the AI-Driven API Landscape: Grasp how AI is transforming the creation and utilization of APIs, accelerating innovation but also exposing new vulnerabilities.
  • Risk Assessment and Governance: Learn about the specific risks associated with AI-generated APIs and discover best practices for assessing and mitigating these threats.
  • Salt Security AI-Powered Approach: Discover how Salt Security has embraced the power of AI to enhance API discovery, strengthen governance posture, and implement advanced threat detection to safeguard your business.

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