Becoming A (Secure) API-first Company

Join us for our upcoming webinar, Becoming A (Secure) API-first Company, as we discuss what best-in-class API-first organizations look like, how to ensure you have robust security measures in place, and how Salt Security combined with Kong offers an end-to-end solution for discovering, creating, publishing, consuming, governing, and securing APIs.

Key Topics:

  • Understanding the importance of posture governance in modern security landscapes.
  • Leveraging Salt Security for API security and threat detection.
  • Enhancing API security with Kong Gateway.
  • Best practices for integrating Salt Security and Kong into your security framework.
  • Real-world examples and success stories.

Who Should Attend:

  • Security professionals
  • IT managers and architects
  • Developers interested in API security
  • Anyone looking to enhance their organization's security posture

For additional webinars and videos, visit our Resources page or YouTube channel.

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