A New Strategy for Reducing API Risk

As organizations increasingly embrace APIs, a new challenge has emerged - the complexity of managing, securing, and understanding the sprawling API landscape within an organization. To tackle these concerns head-on, Salt Security has pioneered the industry's first API posture governance engine and a suite of advanced capabilities designed to bring clarity, security, and efficiency to your API ecosystem.

In our January 30th fireside chat, we’ll cover the latest five product enhancements from the team at Salt:

• Salt Security introduces the industry's first API posture governance engine, providing you with unparalleled visibility into your organization's API landscape.
• Navigate through the maze of APIs effortlessly with Salt Security's new filtering and querying capabilities.
• Stay ahead of potential threats with Salt Security's enhanced behavioral threat response capabilities.
• Enrich your understanding of your API ecosystem with Salt Security's new comprehensive ecosystem enrichment capabilities.
• Seamlessly onboard and operationalize Salt Security within your enterprise.

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